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About Us

Your kiwi owned and operated Master Electricians for the Bay of Plenty Region

Craig King initially founded Electrical NZ, who has been in the electrical industry for over a decade and has serviced some of Tauranga’s most prominent industrial plants. Recently, Craig has united his efforts and merged with another of Tauranga’s trusted electricians, Phil Jones Electrical, to become one of the town’s largest industrial electricians

Electrical NZ has become a proud member of ECANZ – New Zealand’s only specialist trade association that represents electrical contractors. As Master Electricians Tauranga, Electrical NZ guarantees all workmanship. The team at Electrical NZ is also committed to continuing professional development. This means all customers can be provided with exceptional service because we are up to date with the latest laws and technologies, combined with skills and creativity.

Our goal is to give you the best quality of work; your satisfaction is our satisfaction.


Emergency electricians Tauranga

We've got your home and business covered for any electrical eventuality. You shouldn't need to wait until the next working day to get an electrician to see your emergency. At Electrical NZ, we are available 24/7 to give support and solve any urgent electrical issues you could be facing.

Experienced Team of Professionals

Our reliable team of Tauranga electricians has vast experience in their trade, allowing them to manage any type and size of repairs or building projects - even large-scale ones - while providing their expertise to ensure a high-quality result in a cost-effective manner.


Not only do we provide construction services, but also, we make sure your systems and wiring work smoothly over time. At Electrical NZ, we offer ongoing maintenance and service contracts for your peace of mind, tailor-made to your requirements.

Wide range of services

You can relax knowing that our team of Electricians in Tauranga will get all your electrical works sorted from beginning to end, covering every step and area of your electrical project. We can cater from residential to commercial, industrial, and telecoms, including Home Automation and Security Surveillance.

See Our Services section for more information.

Registered Professionals Only

Electrical NZ’s team of Electricians in Tauranga are fully qualified professionals that abide by the strictest rules and training to ensure safety, compliance and quality throughout the entire project or service, keeping an eye on detail. Your safety is our priority.

And Many more reasone for choose us


We are committed to providing professional and reliable services to our residential and industrial customers, offering total project management and completion.


Our residential electricians Tauranga division provides a complete solution, whether for new builds, renovations or additions. We deal with all aspects of electrical work from installation, wiring, repairs and maintenance.

Whether a big or a small job, our extensive experience and wide range of electrical services are vital to complete project management for your peace of mind. Your home’s safety is a priority, so it’s essential to only get fully qualified and reliable electricians like Electrical NZ to match your expectations for your project or repairs.

We also offer emergency electricians Tauranga for those inopportune surprises; we’ve got you covered!



Backed by a wealth of expertise across multiple industries, industrial electrical work is our bread and butter. We are your go-to industrial electricians in Tauranga region. Whether you need to service specialist equipment and machinery or you’re looking to avoid the costly downtime of a breakdown.

At Electrical NZ, we can implement a service and maintenance contract that fits your requirements, verifying everything is working in good condition and according to Health and Safety standards.



We are the go-to expert electricians Tauranga, providing the skills and a full range of commercial services to handle every commercial project, no matter how big or small.

Your business can count on us 24/7 for emergency electricians in Tauranga, as well as for maintenance and preventative jobs at your facilities. 

From planning to building and maintenance, we can cover all your business’ electrical work, offering ongoing contracts to suit your needs, ensuring your building’s safety and condition over time.



As electricians, we need to keep our skills and services up to date, and telecommunications are indeed the future. That is why our highly skilled team of electricians in Tauranga can now help you install and set up Wi-Fi and Fibre networks cabling and offer ongoing support for your Telecommunications demands.  

Our team can also provide varied Communications Infrastructure Services, including security and surveillance systems installation, and can undoubtedly sort out Home Automation systems for you.



Maintenance and servicing are crucial to avoid problems in the long run, which often translate into costly repairs. At Electrical NZ, we offer different maintenance and servicing solutions and contracts for our customers, tailor-made to their budget and building conditions.

Our broad experience is key to knowing precisely what you need and providing you with the most cost-effective option.

Talk today with one of our expert Tauranga electricians to discuss your electrical services and maintenance requirements.



Electrical NZ offers not only overground electrical works but also underground works too. Get your residential or commercial building’s electrical system planned, distributed and executed by our talented electricians Tauranga, for either the construction stage, the maintenance, or both.

Our team has a deep understanding of the underground systems and will make sure to note and determine your building’s own requirements to meet the highest standards.

Leave your underground incoming telecoms and power supplies in our hands, knowing you will get the best results at a cost-effective price.



At Electrical NZ, our emergency electricians in Tauranga are available 24/7 to take care of any electrical inconveniences and unwanted surprises to keep your home or business running smoothly. 

If you are experiencing any urgent electrical issue, get in touch with our team as soon as possible.


5 reasons why our customers hire electrical nz


Qualified team

We only employ qualified electricians Tauranga. Our ECANZ membership requires all of our team to keep under continuous training and professional development, so you know you are getting the most professional service available.



Industrial and residential work is our bread and butter. Craig and Phil have worked for many years in residential and industrial projects, so our team knows precisely the needs and requirements to give the most appropriate solution and excellent-quality service.


Backed by a wealth of experience

Some of the primary operations we have been involved in include a fit-out of the North Island Mussel Processing Factory in Greerton, Tauranga and work at the Dominion Salt refinery in Mount Maunganui. Our extensive experience gives us the ability to cover a wide range of Residential, Industrial, and Maintenance work services.


Member of ECANZ

As part of the Electrical Contractors Association of New Zealand, we must keep up with all the latest best practices. This ensures we only give our best, and you know you are getting the most up to date skills and regulation compliance.


Customer focused

Our company has grown because of our customers, they are our lifeline, and we look after them 24/7 if need be. We are proud of our work, and we offer effective and customised solutions for your project in a fast and high-quality manner.


What our customers at Electrical NZ are saying about our services.
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Meet The Team​

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Commitment to health and safety


our obtainment of site wise health and safety certification

Getting our SiteWise Green Status means that we comply with Health and Safety requirements by achieving a high-grade standard.


Our All clients


Common questions from our customers

A general electrician is usually more of a troubleshooter, installing minor things. Master Electricians in Tauranga, instead, have undertaken a longer path in studies and are, therefore, able to supervise work. A Master Electrician is also allowed to install wiring systems according to legal regulations and electrical codes.

In order to be a Master Electrician, he or she must keep their skills up to date by carrying out continuous training and professional development as part of their obligations. This ultimately ensures our Master Electricians in Tauranga can assist you with almost any job, bearing in mind current legislation and electrical codes, as well as keeping high Health and Safety standards. At Electrical NZ, we are Green SiteWise certified, so you can rest assured you are getting the best service for you and your family or your business.

In the case of commercial or industrial buildings, only a licensed electrician can perform the work.

As for residential, you technically can carry out some DIY jobs at your own home or your close family member’s property. We wouldn’t advise it. Due to the risk, you or the person whose home your working on must actually own that property. We obviously do not recommend anyone undertaking electrical work on their own properties unless that person has some qualifications in that department. You should only attempt work that is considered low-risk work, if at all. Keep in mind that the likelihood of accidents and fatalities can increase dramatically if an installation is not done correctly. Health and Safety should always come first, and in these cases, there is nothing like the knowledge, experience and skills of our Master Electricians in Tauranga.

All electrical work, including wiring or rewiring, repairs or replacements, must be tested and certified if they are compliant. If you have performed your own wiring or rewiring, and as long as it is in your own home or a close relative’s, it won’t be regular electricians in Tauranga who will sign off your work, but rather a Licensed Electrical Inspector. They will check and test that it complies with safety requirements and provide a Certificate of Compliance. At times, this can be hard to achieve, and electrical work can be confusing, so we highly encourage you to contact Electrical NZ to get this done correctly from the beginning..

Electrical NZ provides services to the Bay of Plenty region, more specifically the Tauranga region. Our services include emergency electricians in Tauranga, residential electrical work, as well as industrial installations. commercial buildings, and maintenance contracts.

There is no specific set time to rewire a house. Still, suppose your home is older than twenty-five years, and somebody else has previously occupied it. In that case, a rewiring service is likely to be recommended by the qualified Electricians Tauranga. 

There can be other warning signs that indicate a rewire is due. These include circuit breakers that trip regularly, switches and outlets shocks, frequently burnt light bulbs. A good bit of advice would be to book an electrical safety check every ten years, on average, to make sure everything is working and running smoothly and prevent further damage and fatal accidents.

Nevertheless, if you have concerns over your wiring safety, get in touch today with our team to know how we can help you.

Replacing electrical wiring will not necessarily increase the market value of your home. Still, it will undoubtedly be a plus when selling it and keep up to the same standard level and price as other houses in the market. In other words, not having it replaced can result in a lower selling price than your house has the potential for.

Aside from the market value, replacing outdated wiring can improve the performance of your electrical appliances at home, giving you peace of mind that there won’t be any unpleasant surprises. Not to even mention the safety aspect, of course.

A safety switch is a great option to protect you and your family or those working at your facility or visiting your house, as they prevent electro-shock, and therefore, injuries or even death. It works by constantly monitoring the flow in the electrical circuit, so the moment it deviates its path, as it could happen during electroshock, it immediately cuts off all power.

A light bulb that keeps burning out so frequently can indicate a poor electrical connection that causes the bulb to heat up and burn. If this is your case, it could be a good time to call Electrical NZ to inspect the connection and repair where necessary. 

Yes, indeed. If the plug is loose, there is a high chance it could start a fire due to the electrical resistance, and it can also damage the appliance connected to it. Replacing it is pretty simple and inexpensive, so it is better to sort it out as soon as possible and avoid more significant problems later.

The first thing we would recommend to save energy is to replace all your old lighting – like fluorescents, for example – with LED lamps, as they are a great source of light while providing an obvious reduction in energy usage. They can seem a bit costly at first, compared to traditional bulbs, but they are a lot more effective and efficient in the long run, providing a good quality/price ratio over time.

Secondly, if you are using a heat pump, we advise setting the temperature at twenty-four degrees celsius to help save on your power bill. This same tip can be used on other appliances that handle temperatures, like a fridge, for instance. It can also be set up at a more energy-efficient level by diminishing the set temperature to one that is not so low so that the energy consumption to achieve such temperature is not too high.

If you have recently purchased a property that has previously been occupied by somebody else, then it would be a good idea to get a safety check. It will help you know the general condition of the wiring and prevent any future problems with your appliances, as old wiring can pose a risk to anyone living or visiting the property. 

If your property is older than twenty or twenty-five years, it is also appropriate to carry out a safety check. The reason behind this is that technology and artefacts keep upgrading over the years, and they usually require more power to work, leaving those old wires overloaded to provide energy to all currently working machines or appliances. In these cases, burnout could happen, and most likely, the damage and injuries could follow. So, it’s better to prevent the problem than regret it later.

Although these are two of the most common situations our customers request an electrical safety check, you don’t necessarily need to leave it until then. If you have any concerns about your property’s electrical condition, it is always an excellent time to call us for one.

Different occasions could be a good reason to call an electrician. This could be the case of emergencies, like a power outage caused by old wiring or overload/overheating of extension cords, as well as receiving shocks at the slightest touch of a switch or flickering lights. It is a great idea to perform maintenance checks with an electrician in Tauranga from time to time to ensure your property’s electrical system works perfectly. This will help prevent accidents in future while updating any electrical equipment that may be faulty, as part of the maintenance tasks.

Last but not least, Master Electricians are fundamental for new builds, as they are the ones who know exactly how to lay a safe electrical installation and authorised by law.

Our electricians Tauranga at Electrical NZ, provide services to many industries including, but not limited to, agricultural businesses, factories, commercial centres, schools and other educational builds, Council buildings, industrial facilities, hospitals and other medical buildings, as well as hospitality businesses.

If your commercial building is not listed here, it doesn’t necessarily mean it is not part of our work. So, please feel free to contact us to clarify any questions you may have or get a quote that adjusts better to your commercial building.

Basically, through our Communication Infrastructure services, we cover everything related to planning, design, installation and implementation of communication cabling, such as Wi-Fi, Fibre, Data Systems, and so on. We also include Home Automation installation and setup in this category, as well as any surveillance and security cameras systems for either residential or commercial and industrial buildings. As such, video and audio intercoms – for instance – can also be considered a part of the Communication Infrastructure services.

In summary, and opposite to overhead ones, underground electrical works are those that connect your building to the utility or service supplier, like the internet or power provider. An electrician designs and engineers the system that will be placed under the building’s floor and into the ground, with pipes that will connect your home or business to the external point of connection and source of your service.

Installing underground systems allows you to keep your cables and connections invisible while protecting them from severe weather damage.